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Happy Summer season-Heart season

July--September -Healthier and Happier Take care our heart -

Fire Season Calm down season

 Summer season,our heart season, fire season. Control our fire not go anywhere. Calm down , more sunshine still for 100% Yang energy recharging, not always stay in A/C. Outside activities and sing and dance. We have specials.

Call 210-998-9382 for more Details !

Now more than ever before, it's time to be stronger and healthier. No matter how bad outside, if we always do something good for our bodies, we'll be stronger. It's a known, proven fact that massage increases the body's natural immunity, whereas stress decreases immunity. Acupressure and reflexology not only aid in the alleviation of stress, but help your body to function at its best by clearing pathways for chi - vital energy - to flow. All of our treatment rooms are private, and all areas thoroughly sanitized. Come by today! 

To help keep you and your loved ones safe, we are offering an herbal immunity support tea. This is the same tea that front-line medical workers in China drink every day to protect themselves during this pandemic, and it works! We are still in the process of updating our online store, but are happy to take your order by phone: (210) 998-9382.

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