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2019 Classes We will send an email announcing the start date and verifying the schedule prior to the first class.           To receive this notice, join our mailing list.

2019 Taichi Class Schedule
Coming soon @Redland Location , TX 78232
                               Monthly Cost:      4 classes per Month  $100
               8 classes per Month $200

Register via phone at 210-998-9382 or pay online.


Schedule may be subject to change. Please contact Tai Chi Wellness Center for updates.
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*Private lessons for individuals and small groupsworkshops and demonstrations;
offsite and corporate event training will be available soon.

Tai Chi Wellness Center Policies




Student Rules of Honor


I will respect my teacher and other students in class.
I will practice 10,000 times or at least 15-20 minutes per day.
I understand that I am learning Chen Style Tai Chi and will practice this technique exclusively during my study with Master Li.
Chen Style Tai Chi should be painless. If I do experience pain, I will stop the exercise and inform my Master.
If I am sick from an infectious illness, I will not attend class until I am well.
I will follow all requirements of the Chen Style Tai Chi contract I have signed.
I will wear comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes. (No high heels or boots).
I will turn off my cell phone or pager during class.
I will pay the monthly dues at the beginning of each month and bring my membership card to class.