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Biography of Master Li


Master Li was born in Dalian, China, the 10th generation exponent of Chen Style Tai Chi.  He has years of experience in Tai Chi: half his life! Master Li was drawn to Tai Chi after taking up martial arts as a child, and fell in love with this internal form of building body and mind.


Ever since 1990, Master Li has educated the general public about Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Acupressure through speeches and demonstrations to promote preventive health; and especially to improve the quality of life for those who are affected by injuries, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, heart attacks and strokes for more than 20 years, and has earned a remarkable reputation as an Tai Chi instructor in China, He also acts as a consultant, honorary head coach and honorary president in numbers of Taichi Associations at home and abroad such as Korea, Japan and the US. Lots of international apprentices learned from him have gained National Martial Art Level 5, Level 6 or Level 7. Many apprentices that have finished their courses are now teaching Tai Chi in various ways in numerous places. His experiences and stories were exclusively recorded in Martial Art Specialists Across China, Martial Art Annals of Dalian, Celebrity Annals of Tai Chi, Dictionary of Tai Chi of China, and Tai Chi Encyclopedia of China. He was respected for his Kung Fu skills and his morality. Master Li moved to the US in 2000, taught numerous classes in NY, MA and TX. He also conducted seminars and workshops, which were designed to raise awareness and promoteded and unconstrained. He emphasizes traditional culture education and pays less attention to fame. He also has unique research in the traditional Chinese medicine with Taichi together to be part of our wellness.
Through the Tai Chi Wellness Center, which he opened in 2004,  you will learn to flow through life with a positive attitude, improve your health, stress level, energy, and happiness. You can improve your health, emotional well being, stress level, and energy. Learn preventative health measures. Learn how to enhance your recovery from an accident or illnesses such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis. Improve your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and concentration. 
In Just a few short weeks, you will feel the difference! You will learn to listen to your body, experience your energy, and improve your self esteem and overall well-being.

Chen Style Taijiquan​​

Chen Style Taijiquan is widely acknowledged as the oldest and the ancestor of all the other Taijiquan (Tai Chi) styles. Although it is characterized by low powerful stances, more obvious body coiling movements, stomping, and explosive releases of power that are mostly absent from the practice of other styles of Taijiquan, Chen Style Taijiquan can also be practiced with graceful, slow, and light movements. The martial aspects and health benefits are still preserved and retained within the Chen Taijiquan system.


Generally, there are 2 barehanded form sets in Chen Taijiquan. The 1st Form is "Yi Lu" and the 2nd Form is "Er Lu", also known as "Cannon Fist" or "Pao Chui" . The speed, strength, and difficulty in each of the two forms are quite different. These variations are based on the forms' lineage.

The first form (Yi Lu) is softer. This form is used as a tool to help develop a practitioner's strength, balance, coordination, and understanding of basic Taiji principles. The strength of the form is based on the basic "Chan Si Jing" (spiral energy/force). Because of these characteristics, the first form is essential for beginners to learn. It is also beneficial for those who want to practice Taijiquan for health reasons.

The second form (Cannon Fist) is more complex. It is geared more toward the development of explosive power and fighting techniques. There are many fast, powerful, and hard movements.

Traditionally, beginners always start with the first form of Chen Taijiquan while practicing some basic exercises to get rid of body stiffness. Practicing a combination of the first form and basic exercises correctly will help the beginner develop "Chan Si Jing" (spiral energy). The second form then develops more explosive power.

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