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The massage is first-rate and the best I have ever had. Foot reflexology is downright heavenly. Hot tea soothes the soul and the pressure of the touch is perfect. 


Love this place... Was referred by another therapist for consistent issues. Albeit, once my therapy was done I felt like a bowl of jello... completely relaxed and loose. So much so, I feel ready to hit to the gym again!!! On the way out, one of the other therapists gave me a quick dosage of ear therapy... Therapist even told me prior to application that it was going to hurt, and bam... hurt was not the word... just a slight pinch at most.  I have lived in Asia for many years, and this is pretty much as good as the service gets.


This place is very good for a massage, but watch out for the cupping unless you don't mind looking like a pepperoni pizza for a few days. LOL. 


I have gone to the Huebner location (with a male masseuse) and the Alamo Heights location (with a female masseuse) and they are both exceptional. They are very respectful, polite and amazing at what they do. I had acupressure, foot reflexology and cupping therapy done both times, and it has been an amazing change in my health. I am able to workout without excruciating pain in my back, shoulders and bottom of my feet. The pain in my hands has decreased tremendously. I am so happy I found Taichi. They have given me my life back.

- Wendy

I've come for several 20min chair massages -- they are great stress relievers for someone who works at a desk all day when the knots just get too much! If you don't have time for a full 1hr session, I highly recommend trying these on your lunch break.


I've never had a bad massage here-- they always know exactly what I need.


I highly recommend them. They are very straightforward but their techniques work. I had issues with my feet for almost 12 years and was very frustrated. I went to a couple of sessions of feet reflexology and they are better now. I still can't believe it!!


This place has everything you need to make you feel like a new you! I love their skill and I love their service. Highly recommend this company. But don't take my word for it. However, you will agree once you visit. I'm telling everybody!


Tai Chi Wellness Spa is wonderful. I have visited the Braun and Blanco locations. Both have always been very courteous and attentive. I have received acupressure and reflexology services. I don't necessarily get the same person each time but it doesn't matter. Each masseuse has been great and always adjusts pressure applied if I ask them for softer or harder in any area. Their prices are extremely affordable so I have services often; as much as once a week at times. Appointments are easy to make and always work with my schedule. Tai Chi Wellness is perfect! Their locations are clean and the services are impeccable. They will have a customer in me for life! I highly recommend it!


I have high standards on reflexology since I had it done in Taiwan many moons ago.  It was weird - pain had never felt so good! After that session my achy feet felt new again.  So I became a believer in reflexology. In the last several years I've checked out a few places here and there to see if I could experience that relief again but never could find anyone, not even in Chinatown in San Francisco.
Online, I purchased a set of three 40-minute reflexology sessions [at Tai Chi Wellness Spa] for a great price. Once there, I'm like "WOW!"  The therapists may not know much English, but they know reflexology.  I came back the following week, and I'm in reflexology heaven.  


Great massage, working all muscles and loosening knots.  Will definitely be going back to try the many options. Convenient walk-in availabilities. I recommend this place to my friends.


Taichi Wellness is my go-to place. I have been extremely satisfied with every visit. They know what they're doing and get right to the fix immediately. They are very knowledgeable with everything on the menu. The place is spotless and very affordable. It's very hard for me to schedule and keep an appointment with my own work schedule. I've been a walk-in several times and was taken in. Every time I go, I learn something new and walk out feeling incredible. I would recommend Taichi Wellness to everybody. Thank you all for a new me!!!


Aaaaaaamazing! Very relaxing atmosphere. Where else can you get a professional, relaxing, deep pressure reflexology and massage for such a great price? This place delivered! I just wish I didn't have to leave.


I saw this place on yelp while I was looking for a good place to take my wife and sis for a good massage. I had called other famous massage places but they couldn't book me in for the day I wanted cos they where sold out. So I checked yelp and saw this place.  It only had 34 reviews but everyone said something nice about them . So i gave them a call and boom they booked me for the next day.  I got there, the welcome was awesome but the service was out of this world.  With the kind of job I do, I was scared the little chinese lady I was assigned to wouldn't be able to give me the deep tissue massage I need but I was wrong. She almost had me screaming but at the end it was worth it. They recommend I get the cupping which I hadn't tried before.  I did and the after feeling was amazing . All the pain I had on my back was gone at the end of it. And the most crazy thing about this little business place is that is so affordable. I saved alot and I sure will be going back soon.



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