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Why Wax?

         It is often quoted that beauty comes at a price, and women understand what that price is when every month

they have to  go for painful and gruelling waxing sessions.

The process may be painful, but the end result is promising enough to make  them visit the spas and the beauty parlours again next month. The cosmetic and beauty world is undivided when it comes to body hair. Not only is it considered unhygienic, it also spoils  the look of a person or a dress. Imagine wearing a little black   dress with hairy arms and hairy legs as your accessories. Today men are also so fashion-conscious that they have no qualms opting for waxing services for their chest, back and arms, etc.                                  

         Though it can be painful,  the after-effect is worth every bit of the pain. Though other options like Epilators and creams are available, they are hardly useful in the long run. Creams can make your skin dark and rough and Epilators cause the same amount of pain as wellness waxing and moreover, they are also said to aggravate hair re-growth and make the hair stiff.                                                                                                                    Waxing does not have to be an ordeal every month or whenever you go for your session, if you go with armful or legs full of hair, it is understood that the pain will be more.       The best way to escape the pain is to go for waxing when you see tiny hairs sprouting from underneath your skin. Generally, it has been seen that body hair takes an average time of   3-8 weeks to grow back, but other factors need to be considered here as the skin type of the concerned person, which can make the process fast or slow. Massaging the waxed area      with a  moisturizing gel helps soothe the pain.                           

For Women:     

Eyebrows $15 

Lip $15 

Chin $15 

Full Face $45+ 

Half Leg $45+

Full Leg $80 

Bikini $30 

French Bikini $45 

Brazilian $60+ 

Underarm $20 

Arm $45 

Half Arm $35

Wax Away to Soft, Smooth, and Healthy-Looking Skin

Wellness waxing, as practiced in spas such as Taichi Wellness Spa Plus, is not only relaxing but also hygienic. Wellness waxing is the easiest and safest method of temporarily getting rid of body hair. Waxing services can be performed on any part of the body (arms, legs, bikini, eyebrows, face, underarms,  etc.) Wellness waxing uses organic products which ensure that your skin does not break out into eruptions after a session. Apart from giving you smooth and silky skin, wellness waxing also gives you other benefits like removing sun tan from the skin and eventually reducing hair growth and removing dead skin cells. With benefits such as these, why use any other method? The waxing services we offer are among the best and will not leave you disappointed. And with the pain comes a reward for you: the massage you get after waxing is enough incentive for you to return the next month.

For Men:  
 Chest or Back $60
 Full Arms $45
 Half Arms $30
 Ears $15
 Nose $20

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