For Women:     

Eyebrows $15 

Lip $15 

Chin $15 

Full Face $30 

Half Leg $35 

Full Leg $60 

Bikini $30 

French Bikini $45 

Brazilian $60+ 

Underarm $20 

Arm $45 

Half Arm $35

Wax Away to Soft, Smooth, and Healthy-Looking Skin

Wellness waxing, as practiced in spas such as Taichi Wellness Spa Plus, is not only relaxing but also hygienic. Wellness waxing is the easiest and safest method of temporarily getting rid of body hair. Waxing services can be performed on any part of the body (arms, legs, bikini, eyebrows, face, underarms,  etc.) Wellness waxing uses organic products which ensure that your skin does not break out into eruptions after a session. Apart from giving you smooth and silky skin, wellness waxing also gives you other benefits like removing sun tan from the skin and eventually reducing hair growth and removing dead skin cells. With benefits such as these, why use any other method? The waxing services we offer are among the best and will not leave you disappointed. And with the pain comes a reward for you: the massage you get after waxing is enough incentive for you to return the next month.

For Men:  
  Chest or Back $60
  Full Arms $45
  Half Arms $30
  Ears $15
  Nose $15

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