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Qi or Chi means "Vital Energy" in Chinese

How Does It Work?

1. Chi, not the brain, guiding movements of the flow.
2. Keeping mind in state of meditating during the flow.
3. Regulating heartbeat.
4. Regulating blood circulation.
5. Stimulating cell development.


What Makes It Work:
1. Use of proper joint alignment.
2. Application of yin and yang principles.
3. Relaxed body.
4. Concentration.
5. Mind power/ positive thinking.
6. Proper breathing when doing chi kung.
7. Stimulation of acupressure points.

1. Improves the immune system.
2. Relieves/reduces pain and numbness.
3. Increases physical mobility.
4. Speeds up healing process.
5. Slows down aging, makes people look and feel younger.
6. Increases longevity.
7. Cures sickness. Caution: only high leveled masters can use their chi to cure sickness without harming themselves.

Consider the following:
1. 65% of people reaching the age of 60 experience a fall/year.
2. Large numbers of baby boomers will soon reach the age of 60.
3. More children are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.
4. More children and young people have sickness and disorders normally associated with elders such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, etc..
5. Health care costs are too high.
6. Using medication has negative side effects.


Then consider the following:
1. Practicing Tai Chi correctly has no side effects.
2. Learning Tai Chi costs much less.
3. Learning Tai Chi is for people of all ages.

Clearly Tai Chi is a preventive measure and alternative medicine.

Read again the following benefits:
1.Learn to flow through life with a positive attitude, improve your health, stress level, energy, and happiness.
2.Reduce Your Stress!
3.Stay Young!
4.Reduce pain from an injury!
5.Tai Chi Proven To Have Healing Power
6.Fight Breast Cancer!We can win the battle
7.Combat Degenerative Nerve Disease!
8.Improve control of Diabetes!Tai Chi can help control type 2 diabetes
9.Parkinson’s Disease!Tai Chi Therapy slows progression of Parkinson's
10.Seniors Health!Tai Chi Chuan Improves Balance Control in Older Adults" When it comes to baby boomers and  seniors there is no better exercise in the world than Tai Chi. You will maximize your energy, balance, stability while reducing stress and stimulating the healing of internal organs. Tai Chi challenges your brain to build new sensory patterns that promote health and reduce stiffness and muscular weakness, and also helps to improve balance, which will reduce the risk of falling. Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise which looks like Karate in slow motion. The gentle choreography rotates the body in 95% of the ways it was intended to move. The best balancing exercise known, Tai Chi also lubricates joints so it's great for seniors. It improves coordination, mental focus, and flexibility so it's great for athletes. Research shows it is also very beneficial for children.
11. Tai Chi fastest growing fitness and health maintenance activities in the U.S."
12. Qi Gong and Tai Chi: promoting practices that promote healthy aging.

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