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Mud Moxibustion Treatment

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This relaxing treatment has been implemented in the far east since antiquity.
It has no side effects and is suitable for both young and older persons.
Your body will tingle as the heated blend of herbs work their magic on your tired muscles, warming and detoxifying your entire system.

The science behind this ancient therapy:

Heat activates the unique blend of 64 medicinal herbs that comprise the mud which is applied onto your body. The natural volcanic rock in the formulation absorbs toxins from under your skin tissues. This, coupled with radiation energy of the natural volcanic rock (whose small ion particles are charged), creates advanced transdermal penetration with exceptionally high absorption of aforementioned herbs, resulting in the following benefits:

Benefits Include:

Disease prevention

Treats root causes of diseases

Alleviates pain of soft-tissue injuries

Dispells wind-cold-damp pathogens out of the body

Restores critical moisture

Alleviates joint pain

Decreases inflammation

Reduces edema and lymph stagnation

Stimulates blood circulation

Tightens and firms tissues

Slimming effect

Regulates menstrual cycle

Increases blood cell count 

Enhances lymphocyte activity

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Do not use if pregnant.

Do not use if you have open sores on the skin or an infectious skin condition.

Not for persons with cardiac arrhythmias, thrombophlebitis or thrombosis.

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