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DDS Bio-Electric Therapy

DDS stands for Direct Detoxification System. Doctors are using DDS Bio-electric therapy for patient physiotherapy.  This technology can remove residual toxins from the bloodstream, activate cells, regulate body acidity, and instantly open the meridians.  

DDS Bio-electro-dialysis physiotherapy technology combines the advantages of traditional acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, and massage. It surpasses traditional techniques in the speed and depth of its efficacy.  A single DDS meridian physiotherapy session is equivalent in its benefits to several

 Swedish body massages or a few hours of yoga! 

Conditions Treated:

*Breast hyperplasia

*Cervical spondylosis


*Facial paralysis

*Femoral head necrosis

*Frozen shoulder





*Lumbar disc herniation

*Lumbar muscle strain


*And so much more!!!

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