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Season Changing .Summer is here. It is the best season for digestive system and heart relax. 
Try to be outside more , out door activities... Not to stay at A/C room too long time , try to drink more warmer or hot tea especially . WHY ? 
So are you ready ? It's the time to wake up earlier do something good , planting healthy seeds and practice more outside activities .
It is the best time to take care any kinds of winter disease or cold
cholic disease 冬病夏医... Always more Warmer or Hot Water or Hot Tea .Eat or drink more Ginger Staff..!
We have a lot more Special Herbs Tea here!

Humans are thermostatic animals, so the human body is also the most intelligent air conditioner, adjusting its temperature with the changing of the seasons. Our back is like a solar panel, which needs to constantly absorb sunlight to adjust itself. This is why we are required to be in the sun frequently to absorb vitamin D, and must be kept dry and warm to be able to charge normally and have a long service life.
Our internal organs are like cave dwellings, which are warm in winter and cool in summer, and are more constant temperature. So we feel hot in winter, but in summer? It is originally cold, needs heating, needs hot food or liquid.
But look at us now. If the weather is too hot we just away from sunshine and enjoy the air condition. Almost frozen us. We need to burn more heat in our body to support normal body temperature and normal metabolism.
When the weather is too hot, we drink too many cold drinks, ice cream, etc., and we need more heat to heat these. Therefore, in summer, most people are weak and painful, have no appetite, and are unwilling to move because we waste too much energy to heat up the cold drinks to maintain body temperature.
Summer is the best season for all adjustment and treatments concern almost all deceases we have. We can take advantage of  100% Yang energy from Sunshine. Do something especially summer hot weather.
Now it is our own risk to handle everything not the government. But we believe we can do even better than ever . Good luck all the time . 


Refresh mini-Package
30-minutes of back/body acupressure, and a 40-minute feet reflexology treatment 
One Special Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask
                      Only $99.

Sleep Well Package
70-minute Combo
Insomnia Care
One Magic New Special Eye Patch

      Only $99.

Youthful Beauty Package 
Anti-Aging Facial
Box of Detox Tea
3 Take-Home Face Masques
         Only $149.

Natural Pain Relief Package 
90 minutes of Acupressure+
30 mins Reflexology 
Special super hot Essential Oils Moxi
                    only $199.

No.1 Popular Super Hot Deal For Super "U"
$129 Only + $5 Only(Special Frozen-time face mask)                              Includes:
60-minute Therapeutic Acupressure Massage 
30 mins Reflexology +
One Magic No wash Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask
You don't have to wash and make it works sleeping time

***Please note that these Special Offer Gift Certificates are valid for redemption only on weekdays, and an appointment is required. However, dollar amount gift cards can be used at any time, pending availability. Gratuity is not included in any gift card and is the responsibilty of the recipient. 


All Gift cards or our VIP Packages valid for one year from the date you bought them.

Pay attention to this part  all the time. And we need everybody make an appointment first . No walk-in at all please .

image2 (10).jpeg

Another Super Popular Hot Deal running :

1H Acupressure & 1H Reflexology+30 mins Super Magic Hot Patch Treatment (Mud you can buy one get one free   )

for only $169 + $5 Only(Special Frozen-time face mask)

Expires Sep . 30, 2023

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