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Self-heating care paste

Self-heating care paste

Features: one that is hot, fast fomentation, swelling, pain, blood circulation is widely applicable to all kinds of chills disease.
Quick relief and eliminate the pain caused by a variety of chills disease is rapid pain relief of arthritis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, rheumatism, rheumatoid, cold extremities, the lesion Yuhan pain and other diseases which means that the products.
Keep warm, Wenjingtong network, to promote the local microcirculation, the opponent, feet, frostbite, bone, muscle damage and other symptoms of swelling and pain.
To promote the meridian flow, heat - related points, eliminating the symptoms of cold stomach discomfort, blood barrier, with the role of blood circulation.
4, winter alternative to a heavy coat, reduce awkward sense of dress, warm still go hand in hand.
  • Details

    1, the vacuum-packed to warm the baby's open along the entry point;
    2 Peel off the back of the mount of warm baby, affixed to the outside of the underwear, hand pave the way to;
    3, after use, you can gently tear off the clothes;
    4, can be attached to the shoulder, back, waist, stomach and knees and other joints in the body.

    Product Material: The product is flaky patches, is composed by three parts of the raw material layer, the gelatin layer, woven bags, Size: about 13.5 x 10cm, the raw material layer placed in a non-woven bags, gelatin layer with a thermal adhesion on clothes. Raw material layer is a polymer synthesized from iron, stone, activated carbon, inorganic salts, water, non-toxic, no side effects, the role of oxygen in the air, an exothermic reaction. Non-woven bag is characterized by uniform does not leak, good air permeability. The gelatin layer selection of unique high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive coating firmly bonded, never stained clothing.

    Product Principle: an enthusiasm for the raw material layer can be 10-15 hours in the role of oxygen in the air continued to release heat, this reaction is started from the open vacuum-packed.

    1, the product with no harm to the body, no side effects, will not damage clothing fibers and, ease of use.
    Children, elderly people under adult supervision, pregnant women hanged.
    3, use Attach the outside of the underwear, do not directly affixed to the human skin.
    Warm the baby's fever temperature is 60 ℃, for 12-20 hours a uniform heat at night should not be used.
    , Warm baby products, in a dry, dark place to save.
    6, to avoid the damage or destruction of the vacuum plastic bags of warm baby, otherwise the product will become invalid.

    Preservation method: in a dry, dark place to preserve the shelf life of three years.
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