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The Taiji Bagua Qiangshen Post

The Taiji Bagua Qiangshen Post

Tai Chi health, fitness of the five elements, yin and yang, gossip, Ziyin Qiangshen
Chinese medicine believes that the yang (kidney), "the birth of the" source of life. Days of the treasure is a red sun, the people of the big treasure is a interest rate of true positive ", where the true positive which means the kidney (kidney), human growth, development, disease, aging closely related to the yang of the human. Kidney is a pathogenesis of Chinese medicine, the most common symptoms of kidney deficiency sexual dysfunction, Shenpi fatigue, cold limbs and cold stomach, weak waist, nocturia, tinnitus and deafness, hair loss, premature aging, memory loss. Tai Chi Bagua Qiangshen paste the advanced international plant liquids extraction technology from two dozen natural valuable Chinese herbal medicine thermosol medicine paste is refined, it can not only add righteousness, drug Hong evil spirits, the better for curing diseases cured disease, longevity, and comfort and safety no side effects, in fact, not old trees of green therapy, prolong the beauty of the evergreen.
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    Main Ingredients: wolfberry, Radix, Chuanxiong, wind, saffron, parsley, Poria, trace elements, infrared magnet and so on.
    Scope: applicable Taiji Bagua Qiangshen paste the sexual function caused by the kidney, and kidney yang loss, hair loss, premature aging, anemia, fatigue, menopausal syndrome, and can be used with the treatment of prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, and neck and shoulder leg pain and other bone and joint diseases, kidney Yin, Yijing impotence, regulating immunity, anti-aging role of a good adjuvant therapy, a variety of symptoms caused by kidney.

    Usage: topical, will the Mingmen position skin around dry cleaned, torn bags, remove Qiangshen stickers, stripped of viscose release paper, directly attached to the "Vital Points", then no glue the surface of the backing film thrown off, smooth the adhesive films. One each posted more than 12 hours, it is recommended to use 3 boxes for a course. (The product is applied after a real person, it is recommended that the best use of this product in the evening, a substantial movement less difficult to cause the patch off, because this section does not belong to the strong adhesive type, and clothing friction, several hours after the product prone to curling phenomenon, as normal.)
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