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Using Reflexology to Give You the Gift of Health

The concept of a wellness spa is itself relaxing enough, and if the spa offers reflexology massages, then there is nothing like it. The concept of a reflexology massage is based on the concept deducted by many doctors and therapists that the area underneath our feet contains points which are linked to other organs of the body. To get treated for these ailments, which might be troubling you, a reflexology massage might be an option. In a reflexology massage, the masseur, targets these points underneath your feet and through a relaxing and rejuvenating massage tries to cure them. The concept of reflexology San Antonio Texas has largely been popularised by the Taichi Wellness Spa Plus. Using Chinese massage techniques, this spa offers reflexology massages to make you feel refreshed after a hard day’s toil. A wellness spa plus San Antonio as a city has a lot to offer to you in terms of this age old alternative method of treatment.

The exotic ingredients used by the Taichi Wellness Spa Plus in their massages are reason enough to go back time and again. If you are stressed, a reflexology massage can not only make you feel good but also makes you healthier in the process. Reflexology San Antonio Texas has seen is based on the concept of using organic and natural products for wholesome benefit. The Taichi Wellness Spa plus San Antonio has all the right reasons to visit them. At this spa, not only are your hands and feet treated, but your neck and shoulders are also given a princely treatment. The various packages available are ‘Healing Hands’, which uses an oil massage. Again using the principles of reflexology your hands are massaged with a scrub made of evening primrose and warm oil. Post the scrub, the hands are covered in a mud mask and the relaxation continues with a nail and cuticle treatment and ends with the application of a hand moisturiser which contains natural ingredients like rose, vitamin E, lavender etc.

The next treatment that you can sign up for is called the ‘Feet Retreat’, and going by the procedure it truly makes you feel as if your feet are having the best time of their lives. Perhaps the best treatment that the Taichi wellness Spa plus San Antonio has to offer is this. Though the Chinese principle of massage, your tired feet are soaked in an aromatic bath consisting of warm oil and herbal salt is used as an exfoliating agent. A peppermint, cypress and lemon foot mask follows before a nail and cuticle treatment. Using the age old methods of a reflexology massage your aching feet are massaged to balance your Yin and Yang and give you the best reflexology San Antonio Texas has to offer. But the most important and pampering treatment that combines the care of your hands and feet is the one which is called ‘Reflex Remedy’.

In this massage combining reflexology and acupressure the masseur tries to address the discord between your hands and feet. With the expertise of the Taichi wellness Spa plus San Antonio as the location you can utilise such massages to release the energy blocks creating this disharmony in your body. What follow are an exfoliating massage and a superlative experience of reflexology San Antonio Texas offers for you to leave you feeling brand new. You should approach these massages based on reflexology San Antonio Texas offers with an open mind, not as a new medicine but an age old Chinese practice with promise.

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